Most of you probably don't even know what day it is, let alone that it's the weekend, but we assure that today is Friday, and yes the weekend is almost here. Who cares? Says you. Every day is the weekend now! But no, not for much longer, once Monday rolls around Christmas will officially be over, so make the most of this time to chill out because, it's going to be a whole five more days until you can do it again. That's like a month in Christmas time.

A lot of you may be fed up with the seasons partying obligations, or have decided to have a dry January, so if that's the case you'll probably be wanting to know what entertainment is on the box. Schedules still haven't really got back to normal yet, so there's no Late Late Show or Graham Norton, but never fear, there's still plenty more to choose from...


Operation Transformation: Seven Years And Counting
RTE1: 6:30pm

It's almost time for a bunch of new leaders to take their positions in Operation Transformation, but ahead of that, this programme will revisit some of the previous leaders on the show to see how they are getting on, and if Operation Transformation really did transform their lives. There's Violet O' Shea from the first series, who signed up as she thought she would be getting a full make over, which she was.... kind of! There's also Kayleigh Yeoman who was the youngest ever leader of the series, and we meet back up with Penny Dwyer in Kilkenny to find out if she reached her goal of having another baby. Of course, we will also hear from Dr Evil (sorry Eva) Osmond, who proved very entertaining on the show but has sadly left the panel now. No more 'cop ons' for anyone then.

The Musketeers
BBC 1: 9.00pm

The Musketeers are back with a bang with the second season premiere of rip-roaring action and heaving dresses. This season sees new villain Rochefort take centre stage, in the form of Wanted's Marc Warren. With the exit of Peter Capaldi and Cardinal Richileiu, Rochefort will take on the role of the series' main villain. And what's he got planned? Lots of fancy swordplay, we'd imagine.

I Love You Phillip Morris
RTE 2: 9.00pm

Directed by Crazy Stupid Love's Glenn Ficarra and John Riqua, I Love You Philip Morris is an oft-overlooked comedy with a brilliant performance by Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. Carrey plays an outed homosexual and former cop who's extravagant lifestyle and con artistry leaves him in prison. There, he meets the titular Philip Morris (Ewan McGregor) and becomes obsessed with staying with him. It's a touching love story, punctuated by some ridiculous crime caper moments.



Live Pro12 Rugby
BBC2 + Sky Sports 1: 2.30pm

It hasn't been easy for the Leinster lads in the first half of this PRO12 season, but look, the Irish team are managing without BOD, so get it together fellas. They take on Ulster today at the RDS Arena, with the lads from the north holding onto one of the tightest defences in the league. There will undoubtedly be nothing left in the dressing room today though as both teams will give it their all to stay in line for a top four finish.
(Kick-off 2.40pm).

The Algorithm
TV3: 8.00pm

Radio presenter Ray Foley is back on our telly boxes once again to host this brand new man vs machine game show in which a team of four family members and friends compete against the Algorithm, a super-computer armed with information, in a bid to win a prize of 20,000 euros. Basically, three of the team mates have to guess what the other one, who is tucked away in a sound booth, will say. In this first episode we meet Cork mother Mairead Monaghan who will be making a bid for the jackpot with her team mates.

Take Me Out
UTV: 8.30pm

Paddy 'No Likey, No Lighty' McGuinness is back on hosting duties for this new season of Take Me Out, where another batch of single ladies will hope to meet their dream date and head off the island of Fernandos. Hey look, at least it's not Shifters, which is the best our version of the show could offer. On Saturday, the ladies will meet gamekeeper Ash, bus driver Scott, a magician called Steve and a student called Craig. God speed, fellas!


RTE1: 9.30pm

The long awaited Charlie will finally begin its three week stint on RTE on Sunday, which you all probably know already is about the controversial former Taoiseach Charlie Haughey. It's a bit of a Love/Hate reunion in the cast too as Aidan Gillen takes the lead as the main man himself, while Tom Vaughan-Lawlor is PJ Mara, who was Haughey's politcial adviser, as well as a few others you will recognise. The drama is written by Dublin-born award-winning playwright and screenwriter, Colin Teevan and directed by Kenny Glenaan and Charlie McCarthy. It will cover the period from Charles J. Haughey’s bid for power in 1979 and chronicles his attempts to maintain that power until his departure from politics in 1992. Not one to be missed.

Foyle's War
UTV Ireland: 8.00pm

This drama series set in the aftermath of World War II returns tonight for its eight season, which as usual will consist of three episodes. It's been almost a year and a half since we last seen Foyle on the box, but the new series will take up just two weeks after where the last one ended. Britain is still settling back into peacetime and Foyle is looking forward to retirement. Of course, that's not to be as his life is once more thrown into turmoil when Samantha's employer is found dead. It's not even a simple 'whodunnit' either as the investigation soon brings to light a conspiracy and an international cover-up which, if exposed, could bring down the British government. No pressure then Foyle.

The Voice of Ireland
RTE1: 6.30pm

The show returns for its fourth season on Sunday, with new judges Una Foden and Rachel Stevens joining Kian Egan and Bressie on the panel. These two ladies will replace Jamelia and Dolores O'Riordan, who left the show last year. Things will kick off tonight with the blind auditions, where the judges must listen to the act without seeing who's singing... sure you know how it goes by now. Katherine Thomas will be back on presenting duties and we assume Eoghan McDermott will be floating around somewhere too.