Really, the best way to watch this clip is by simply watching it without any preamble.

We're not going to set it up, nor are we going to give any context as to what it's about. Really, it's all in there. You're getting all you need in that one clip from 'This Morning'. All the salient information is there. We're now going to pause this description, and simply show you the video below. We'll be waiting when you're done.

Here we go.

So, immediate thoughts? Right away, you're thinking that this has got to be some kind of pisstake and that it's done precisely to wind up people like us. Moreover, nobody can be THAT blunt, right? Well, maybe. Maybe not. But why is this on 'This Morning' and during the, well, morning? Who knows. Honestly, who the hell knows.

However, we can assure that this clip is real, that woman's real, Phillip Schofield's reaction was real as was Holly Willoughby's reaction. All of it was real. Did she really use an entire tube of KY jelly? Could she not walk the next morning? Well, she's 80 years of age and her Egyptian toyboy is 35 so, yes, that would certainly make sense given the context.

Really though, this is easily the TV moment of the year and it's not even the end of January. Wrap it up. Go home. Nobody's going to beat this.