The show isn't due on TV screens for another while yet, but casting is already taking place on the Breaking Bad prequel spinoff, Better Call Saul. The show, which is said to have a more comedic flair than Breaking Bad, will focus on Saul Goodman, played by comedian Bob Odenkirk.

It's been revealed that veteran comedic actor Michael McKean, whom you may recognise from Buffy The Vampire Slayer as the Mayor of Sunnydale or David St. Hubbins in This Is Spinal Tap. The character he'll play on Better Call Saul is Dr. Thurber, a "brilliant attorney who's restricted by an unknown affliction."

McKean joins Jonathan Banks, who'll be reprising his role as problem-solving bald badass Mike Ehrmantraut. There's been no official word yet whether or not Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul if they'll reprise their roles, however they've both mentioned previously that they'd be up for doing a cameo now and then.