The latest episode of Game of Thrones was so jam packed with action that you'd nearly forget that Varys left Mereen and his BFF Tyrion in order to recruit allies. Or at least that's what he said he was doing. 

A new fan theory has emerged that suggests Varys is not recruiting allies at all and is in fact plotting against Daenerys. 

Although he's been vocal about his support of Daenerys since the beginning of season five, Varys has always stated that his loyalties lie with the realm rather than any particular house or leader, meaning he will do whatever is necessary to maintain peace in Westeros. 

According to redditor Ariskov“He ignores all kinds of right[s] to rule, names, laws and only keeps the peace [and] interest of the realm as [his] sole criterion. It doesnt sound right that he would help a vengeful conqueror."

In addition to this, Ariskov also argues that it's unlikely Varys would align himself with a "vengeful conqueror who is the [prophesied] savior of the religion he hates and fears.” This is in reference to the red priestess claiming Daenerys is the ''one who was promised."

He uses this scene from season 2 in which Varys tells Tyrion that he can think of nobody worse to sit on the Iron Throne than Stannis, a man who employed the dark arts to gain power. 

Ariskov also speculates that it was Varys who orchestrated the attack on Mereen rather than the masters of Slaver’s Bay:

“[Daenerys’s] fleet burning is quickly attributed to slave owners, which does not make much sense. They know she wants to conquer Westeros, and they know it is in their best interest that she leaves. Destroying [her] means of transportation and making sure that she stays at Slaver’s Bay longer doesnt make sense. It makes sense for someone who doesnt want Daenerys to leave for conquest soon.”

Finally, Ariskov points to the fact that Varys, a former Master of Whispers was completely unaware of an impending attack on the city. 

"I think most importantly, A F—KING SPY MASTER who [is] supposed to know what you ate for breakfast three days ago…doesn’t know anything about dozens, if not hundreds, of ships coming at his location for an invasion,”

He does make some valid points. It's also pretty convenient that Varys upped sticks and left mere hours before said attack. Guess we'll just have to wait for the remaining two episodes to find out for sure. 

Via Time