After claiming the title of 'Love Island' King and Queen in 2021, Liam Reardon and Mille Court went on to date for a year. They were even living together and making wee TikToks every now and again. But just over a month ago, they announced their split and now, Reardon is set to go dating on another reality show. Really, he's ready to make TikToks with someone else? Crying emoji.

Some fans saw the breakup coming; it was announced conveniently after this year's 'Love Island' aired the Casa Amor episodes, where the men in the villa betrayed their partners by 'playing away' with the new bombshells they met during the separation.

Fans resurfaced the drama from the year prior, when Liam Reardon kissed and courted a new flame behind Millie Court's back.

Sure it's all spilled milk at this stage, especially since a source told The Sun that Reardon is joining for the next season of a new reality dating show. Can you guess which one it is? No really, have a go.

... It's 'Celebs Go Dating' on E4! Which, if you've ever seen it, you'll know usually yields no lasting romantic results. But sure, it's a bit of craic to watch these famous (ish) faces go out to a bar and have awkward conversation with someone just like us.

The particularly forthcoming source shared "He may only be recently single but things weren't working out between him and Millie for a while so he feels ready to throw himself back into the dating pool".

"At the end of the day, the show is a bit of fun and he had a great experience on Love Island, so figured why not give reality TV romance another whirl?" they said, continuing "He's not necessarily expecting to find the love of his life, but after going through the sadness of a break-up, he's looking forward to having a laugh and meeting some new people".

There ya have it. Now to figure out how to get on the roster of potential matches for him, hardy har.