We shouldn't be too surprised at this particular affair really. The chemistry has been simmering way over the pot between Heather and the good Doctor in recent weeks. Although we had hoped he would stay loyal to the lovely Ama, who has yet again found herself with a Carrigstown cheat.

For those that may have missed out on the storyline so far, Heather has basically returned to Carrigstown a hell of a lot more cray-cray than when she left and has started drugging her child Ellie with sleeping pills to get the attention of the local doc, who she has quite the thing for.

Worst part is, it's actually worked too, as you can see from the pictures from tonight's episode. Speaking about this evening's Fair City, Anthony Delany who plays Doctor Shane Cawley said;

“Shane came to Carrigstown from an exciting, dynamic job with MSF looking to settle down. He found a steady job as a GP and subsequently Ama, who he really cares for. But once Heather came into his life, he got a glimpse of that excitement again and it's proving very difficult for him to resist. It’s clear that she is playing Shane to her own advantage, but he can’t see it. He wants to be around Heather, he's intoxicated by her, if she calls he comes running. Tonight Shane crosses a line that will have consequences for a lot of people, it'll be interesting to see where it all goes from there.”

Interesting indeed. No doubt he will be running a mile when he realises how devious his new lady lover is.... although who knows when that will be. Come on Farrah, rumble your sister already.

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