Former Bond girl Fiona Fullerton wasn't the only one robbed during this week's Strictly Come Dancing Blackpool spectacular: Herself and Anton du Beke danced off the show on Sunday, but thieves waltzed off with some of her fellow contestants' belongings on Saturday night.

As per BBC News, 'jewellery, and iPad and a phone' were among the belongings stolen from a dressing room in the Tower Ballroom while the contestants battled it out for glitterball glory. Police said they wouldn't be giving details about whom the items were stolen from but it's believed that the room in question was shared by Abbey Clancy, Natalie Gumede and Sophie Ellis Bextor.

The Mirror has been giving the story legs this week, catching up with a spokesperson from the Tower to do a bit of investigating of their own. "It is a rabbit warren below ground level" the spokesperson said, hinting that the thieves most likely used 120 year old tunnels to get in and out. "Staff and former staff would know of the existence of the tunnels. It would mean cutting the risk of going through public areas."

The newspaper says Clancy is 'distraught' as her mobile phone (which is apparently jam packed with family snaps) was among the valuables stolen, and quotes a BBC source as saying that security will have to be increased if the show heads back back to Blackpool next year.

Sure there'll be murder on the dancefloor otherwise...