We're uber exicted here in the office because we've just got word that Nidge and the gang will DEFINITELY  be back for a fourth season of Love/Hate. Ah Darren, we hate to say it but we knew life would have to go on without you.

It's hardly surprising that RTE are bringing Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and all the boys and girls back to our screens. Sure didn't season three pick up the highest ratings of its two previous seasons in allinanyways? PLUS, the show is up for a whopping ELEVEN IFTAs this weekend.

We're not quite sure what to expect now, what with Tommy in a coma and Darren well and truly dead, but we'll trust the writers to do what they do best and make some rather excellent drama. Oh Robert Sheehan, what will we do without you and your blue hoodie? Couldn't they just have given you another near fatal shot to the stomach instead?

This year's been a pretty decent one for Octagon Films, writer Stuart Carolan and Producer Suzanne McAuley. Love/Hate's been picked up by HULU who want to air it in the States and it's already beamed into homes in Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. Sure they're only delighted so, to bring everyone back together for round 4!

"The entire cast and crew are really looking forward to getting back into ‘Love/Hate’ mode again", McAuley said. "We have a fantastic team in place and are so proud to be nominated for 11 IFTA’s. It’s so rewarding to be involved in such a successful project that has attracted an incredibly dedicated following and won critical acclaim as well."

And sure didn't they pick up The eric for Best TV Show too? Sorted.