Although it's still not officially the most expensive television series of all time - that title is still reserved for 'The Crown' - there's no denying that 'Game Of Thrones' isn't ramping up the production values for its final season.

In fact, when we talked to Emilia Clarke about it, she described the whole thing as something akin to the final leg of a marathon and everyone sprinting to the finish. While that may be true of the cast, it looks like the production design behind the scenes is getting even crazier than already expected.

These behind-the-scenes photos that have been doing the rounds on Twitter give you an idea of where it's at. It's big. BIG.

Just to be clear, that dragon rig is far, far bigger than anything we've seen previously and our guess is that there'll be something along the lines of that incredible wagon trail scene from last season - if not bigger. Not surprisingly, the size of the rig also has people guessing that it's done so as to accommodate people riding on its back.

The photos were taken near Titanic Studios in Belfast, which oddly enough is where Khal Drogo himself - Jason Momoa - was recently sighted enjoying a pint with showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss and sparked off rumours of a possible return for him to the series.

All will hopefully be revealed in 2019 when the show returns for its final season.