Talk about taking the fun out of something.

Countdown has been an institution of afternoon television in this country for many years particularly among students, and shall we say, slightly older generations.

And from our end it would seem that the contestants just show up and get stuck into the word and numbers games but apparently there’s much more to it.

According to Twitter user @HairyMcFairy before filming starts, Countdown contestants must agree to a set of rules that seem ridiculously petty and fairly obvious.

Here they are:

Apparently they get complaints when contestants use the phrase 'Can I get?' when requesting letters or numbers.

 Be polite but not TOO polite.

Don't actually clap, just pretend.

Be sure to pronounce the word 'consonant' right.

Basically don't show up to set looking like a hobo.

The make-up department can't work wonders.

Don't say hello to Uncle Paddy.

And again, DON'T SAY CAN I GET.

Via: Twitter