A reporter from Baltimore has been going around taking snaps of what the famous locations in The Wire look like today to mark HBO's release of the show in HD.

If you're a fan of The Wire, then you'll know that the city of Baltimore itself was a main character in the show, and many of the locations said as much about the position or the plight of those in the show as the dialogue itself did. 

To mark the release of The Wire in HD on HBO, reporter Justin Fenton with The Baltimore Sun has gone around the city to snap pictures of the locations as they are today and compare them with the cuts from the TV show, and the results speak volumes. 

Despite all the years that have come and gone, the city looks almost exactly the same, in particular in the areas that were most hit by the drug problems in the show, which perhaps says a lot about how those areas became badly affected in the first place.

Via Uproxx