As we know, The Simpsons has become such a cultural institution that it now has a repository of every single frame from every episode loaded onto a search engine.

That search engine, named Frinkiac, allows you to pinpoint every scene and script from every Simpsons episode so far. It's that detailed and is why you're seeing so many .gifs of The Simpsons on Twitter. Well, now Futurama, another Matt Groening creation, is getting a similar treatment.

Morbotron works in a similar fashion to Frinkiac and has just over a million screenshots that you can search for quite easily and turn into .gifs. Say, for example, you want that scene of Morbo talking about windmills?


Maybe you want the scene where Robot Nixon announces himself as the victor of the Earth Presidential Election?

Good news, everyone!

The text option for the .gif maker needs a little work, but yeah, other than that, it's pretty solid.

Now do one for Bob's Burgers and Rick And Morty, please.