We've finally got an update in Steven Avery's ongoing appeal campaign. 

The subject of the true crime Netflix series, Making a Murderer, was looking forward to his lawyers filing his appeal on May 31st but we've now learned that his lawyers have asked for a 90 day extension

His legal team is led by high profile wrongful convictions specialist Kathleen Zellner. She requested the extension, which makes the new filing date August 29th due to her firm's heavy workload.

Aside from the workload of Zellner's firm, she also cited the sheer volume of paperwork involved in the Steven Avery case in her motion to extend. 

“The record totals 464 documents. Although counsel has worked diligently … it requires additional time to complete the brief in this case.”

In short don't expect to see a second season of the Netflix hit any time soon. It looks like it'll be a long time before we see any developments here. 

Via Uproxx