Could this BE any cooler?

There may not be any hope of a full-on Friends reunion any time soon, but who needs that when there's a musical on the way?

While it will star absolutely nobody from the cast, and in fact, there is nothing whatsoever official about this endeavour, we can't help but get on board with it.

Here is the updated picture of the cast release! #PleaseDontSue

Posted by Friends: The One Where They Sing - The UnAuthorized Musical Parody on Monday, 14 March 2016


It's the brainwave of one Eli Golden, who is the show's writer and director, who told Buzzfeed; "Friends is that show I watch every night before I go to bed, so naturally, it means a lot to me.

"I am a huge lover of musicals and really wanted to tell a great story while staying true to the source material. This is a musical for fans by the fans, both of Friends and musicals in general.

"I started writing this musical roughly three years ago and have had the songs stuck in my head ever since.

"Between the cast, the band, and production team, we have stacked this show with funny and talented people, and that atmosphere is infectious."

The show is set to be based on season one of the hit sitcom and is expected to feature songs like Smelly Cat, as well as a monkey called Marcel.

Here's a clip from the initial read-through below...

The Table Read in 15 seconds!

Last night we had the "Table Read" for the show. Here is the whole night boiled down to 15 seconds!

Posted by Friends: The One Where They Sing - The UnAuthorized Musical Parody on Monday, 7 March 2016


Unfortunately the show can only be seen in Chicago for the moment, but if you find yourself in that part of the world this summer, it will run from 10th June to 29th July at the MCL Chicago theatre.

Oh and tell them to bring it on the road to Ireland while you're there.