If there's one thing we're lacking in this series of Big Brother, it's class, dignity, an Irish representative stirring things up. Thankfully, that is the case no longer as it has been announced this evening that 26-year-old Dubliner Savannah O’Reilly will be joining Big Brother tonight.

Savannah is one of three new housemates and will arrive alongside 21-year-old Isabelle Warburton and Sam Chaloner, 24.

Savannah describes herself as the ‘most competitive person' and claims to have partied with the likes of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande while she has said she has her eyes on housemate Kieran, but she'll have to get in line behind Isabelle, who says she has already slept with him.

Meanwhile, Sam Chaloner says he’s more sex mad than Geordie Shore star Scotty T.

Yep, this lot are going to be trouble.

There is a catch however, out of the three newbies, only two will stay and the current housemates will get to choose which two. Here's hoping Savannah makes the cut.

The trio will enter the house tonight but you won't be able to see it until tomorrow night's episode.

You can catch all the drama in the house from the last 24 hours at 10pm tonight on 3e.