Depending on how you feel about emojis, this will either be good or bad news.

A new gameshow in the US is being developed for television that will see contestants decoding what a string of emojis mean. Yes, really.

The show, titled The Great Emoji Challenge, will see winners come home with up to $1,000,000.

So, sure enough, it got us thinking - can you figure out what some of these emojis mean? They're all movies, by the way.


1. ðŸ'±ðŸ'±ðŸ'€


2.  ðŸ'´ðŸ'°


3.🌕 ⬆ï¸? ðŸ''




5. ðŸ??ðŸ?? ✈ï¸?


First one was Watchmen, second was Father of the Bride, third was Moonrise Kingdom, fourth was Aliens and the fifth was Snakes On A Plane.

If you didn't get any of those, chances are you'll fail miserably in The Great Emoji Challenge so you'd better brush up on your emoji skills.


Via Deadline