Do you like cherry pie? Damn fine coffee? Arthouse-themed musical moments involving dwarves and Asian mysticism?

You'd better get yourself over to London pretty sharpish as there's a Twin Parks-themed restaurant opening in London called - wait for it - The Owls Are Not What They Seem.

What. An. Amazing. Name.

The restaurant features a three-course meal that will "immerse you in the world of David Lynch and his creations" and features a live show, complete with sets and actors and everything.

There's also a late-night bar on offer and you're even invited - nay, ENCOURAGED - to come dressed up as your favourite Twin Peaks character. Amazing.

It ain't exactly cheap, however. Tickets for a night at the event cost £65.

The venue itself will remain a secret, but it's expected to run from August 27th to October 15th.

You can register your interest right heeyor if you're over in London. We're already looking for a trenchcoat and tape recorder to go with our Agent Dale Cooper outfit.