The underrated Martin Scorsese/Leonardo DiCaprio flick, Shutter Island, is heading to TV with Scorsese himself reportedly directing a prequel for HBO.

According to Deadline, the project will be called 'Ashecliffe', which is the name of the hospital at the centre of Shutter Island. The series would focus on the events before the film, and the script is being penned by writer of the original novel (and the ace Gone Baby Gone) Dennis Lehane.

The original film was a box office success for Paramount and their new TV division is attempting to utilize properties they own for possible small screen ventures. They have School of Rock, The Truman Show and Narc in development, with some of the original talent attached. Narc in particular could be ace.

Scorsese has apparently agreed to helm the pilot, and would work on the project in a similar capacity to Boardwalk Empire - another huge HBO series.