You may have small children who enjoy Peppa Pig and the desperately cute adventures the little fecker gets up to.

Well, it looks like not everyone is a fan. A group in the UK are looking for Peppa Pig to be removed from the airwaves and replaced with something more suitable.

Zayn Sheikh claims that Peppa Pig prevents children from becoming good Muslims as the pig is considered 'haram'.

Sheikh took action after his young son declared that he wanted to be a pig instead of a doctor. I know that feeling, little dude. I wanted to be Optimus Prime instead of being a journalist when I was a kid. I gave up that dream. You don't have to. Back to the story.

The petition, which has a little over 2,500 fans of Facebook, wants Peppa Pig removed from airwaves and replaced with Abdullah The Cat, a safe, Muslim-friendly talking animal that will help children be better Muslims.

Right so.

The Muslim Council of Britain, however, claims that Sheikh's views are not shared by the majority of Muslims in the UK.

A spokesman for the council said, "Those who do have issues with this can simply refrain from watching the show and purchasing Peppa Pig memorabilia."

It's entirely possible that this is one big wind-up, although we remember a time when Cabbage Patch Kids were considered evil by nutjobs in the US, so anything's possible.


via IBT / Yahoo! News