We are here to report to you something that might be happening in season five, and also... might NOT be happening in season five. I know, I know, informative bunch right?

Before we go any further, below lies details of a pretty whopper Game of Thrones spoiler that, if you haven't read the books, will blow your minds. We know that may make it sound tempting to scroll down, but really don't, we wish we didn't know to be honest, but here we are.

Okay are we all happy to continue? Here we go.






So those that read the books will know that at some stage down the line, the character of Catelyn Stark would return.... in a zombified form.

Yep, mind blowing right? Lady Stoneheart, as this terrifying version of Mrs Stark is called, was due to appear at the end of season four, leaving fans of the book in a right hump when she didn't. However, it was then reported that showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weisshad decided NOT to go down this road with the show, with actress Michelle Fairley also saying last year she had no plans to return.

As Lady Stoneheart is such an important part of the books, this left many fans theorising that it would be Sansa Stark who would take over this vengeful role. Her hair is dark now after all folks.

However, NOW, things may just pan out differently. Michelle Fairley's IMDB profile has been updated to include a Game of Thrones credit stating that she would appear in the season five finale as a 'Hooded Woman'. So she IS set to be a part of the TV show?!

Well, don't get too excited, while yes, her IMDB profile does say that, let's face it, considering what all these hacker folk are doing these days, writing a fake IMDB profile is probably about as easy as updating your status to some computer folk.

Also, the Huffington Post have reported a representative for Fairley as saying; "There hasn't been any discussion about her returning to the show after Season 3. As of now, this is completely incorrect."

So it's not true.

As of NOW.

Now, they said.....

Sigh. We don't know WHAT to believe.

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