High stakes drama in Carrickstown this evening, if you're able for it.

Fair City's answer to a Bond villain Dr Oakley has totally lost the run of himself, and we're not just talking about his questionable facial hair. He's still holding everyone hostage in that gaff, including his loyal lapdog Emmet, and things really escalate tonight. There's guns and everything. Okay, it's a flare gun but still.

Look there's Oakley now, pointing the gun at Miriam. She's pretty annoying, but not put-a-flare-gun-in-her-face annoying.


Then he turns on resident loose cannon Damian, who's definitely regretting some of his recent decisions.


Oh no wait, now Emmet has the gun! G'wan the Emmet.


Aw crap. Oakley has the petrol. Well played.

We don't know what he is saying here but we can only hope it's along the lines of "No, Mr. O'Brien, I expect you to die."

Catch it all going down tonight on Fair City on RTÉ One at 8pm.