The Voice UK is moving from the BBC to ITV in the New Year and it looks like it's making a few changes to refresh the format too.

As you know, the competition involves four judges sitting with their back to the singing contestant, and pushing the button if they want that person on their team. However, at the end of the audition, all judges would then get to turn around and see who was performing. Well, not anymore.

Host Emma Willis told Digital Spy; "If you don't push your button for a contestant, you don't get to see them.

"So only the people who press the button get to see who it is, so if no one turns, no one sees who sung."


Emma thinks it will make the show better, saying; "I think it is good - they do it in other territories on The Voice around the world, and it instigates different chat between the coaches.

"When they see someone who hasn't turned, it's very apologetic. But if they haven't seen that person and don't have to interact directly, it's a bit more 'that was a little bit off key', where they might not have said having seen them. So I think it's a good thing for the show."

A little cruel though, no? Going all that way to audition and none of them even seeing you? We think Emma's been spending too much time with Big Brother.

Although the guy who created Big Brother, John de Mol, is the same person who devised the format for The Voice, so maybe it's not such a surprise.

The new series on ITV will have, Tom Jones, Gavin Rossdale and Jennifer Hudson as coaches, while as we said, Emma will be returning as host, albeit without Marvin Humes. The spinoff 'V Room' will be hosted by Cel Spinman.

The new series launched this week with the first blind auditions taking place in Manchester. You can catch The Voice UK on ITV/UTV Ireland in early 2017.