This would be awesome.

The possibility that Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman on the hit TV series Breaking Bad, will reprise his character on Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul is suddenly gaining traction.

Last February the creator behind both shows, Vince Gilligan, hinted that he was open to revisiting the character in the future, in spite of initially insisting that neither Pinkman nor Walter White (Bryan Cranston) would be making an appearance on the new show.

Upon being asked if Jesse might appear in the ‘present-day’ scenes of Better Call Saul, Gilligan told Digital Spy: "You never know if that character may get revisited in the future. Anything's possible."

Aaron Paul said he is “absolutely open to the idea” in an interview with Variety in 2016 and now it looks like he may have gotten his wish.

The actor took to Instagram to share a picture of him standing in front of a sign for AMC Network, the home of Better Call Saul.


Good morning old friend.

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We’re choosing to stay hopeful. Do you think he’s back, and how would you like his appearance on the series to play out?