Stranger Things was the TV hit of the summer, with the kids that featured in it becoming Hollywood's latest batch of little stars. As much as we loved them though, there was one lady that caused an uprising among fans of the show.


The ill-fated best friend of Nancy disappeared into the Upside Down, and nobody really seemed to care. Not even Nancy.

But we cared. We all cared, and #JusticeforBarb became one of the biggest trends of the summer.

As it turns out though, the Duffer brothers, who created the show have listened, with actor David Harbour (who plays Chief Hopper) telling Jimmy Fallon that; "There will be justice for Barb".

He told the host; "The internet rage over Barb’s — like, who knew?” he exclaimed. “Shannon [Purser, who plays Barb] is amazing, but the character’s in two episodes barely, and the internet rage at Chief Hopper over not caring about Barb — I’m sorry! I had a little boy I had to save. Ugh. There will be justice for Barb but I can assure you, if you think Barb’s coming back, she’s fully dead."

While Matt Duffer also told IGN; "I can’t see it [Barb's return] happening. But Barb will not be forgotten. We’ll make sure there’s some justice for Barb."

Watch David Harbour's interview below;