Dawson's Creek theme song, I Don't Want To Wait, is just as recognisable as the entire TV series itself - to the point that it's immediately associated with it.

Paula Cole's voice just carries the whole thing, and it's one of her most well-known songs, but according to a new interview on Billboard with executive producer Paul Stupin, it wasn't their first choice.

As Stupin tells it, the decision was effectively made for them to choose Paula Cole. Stupin recalled how he and fellow executive producer Kevin Williamson "were in the editing room, originally for the pilot, we put on that Alanis Morissette song, “Hand in My Pocket,” and we loved it, the network loved it, the studio loved it, and that stayed for a relatively long time until we couldn’t clear it."

Stupin explained that Alanis Morrisette eventually turned them down, and fell back on Paula Cole as the song had been licenced by the studio already. In other musical revelations, the opening episode was supposed to feature No Doubt's hit single, Don't Speak, but was relentlessly rejected by the band.

Of course, No Doubt ended up appearing in the final season of the show and there was even an entire episode that saw the gang trying to get to a No Doubt concert. So, y'know, jokes on them.

Here's a blast of the original theme song to dredge up all those memories all over again.


Via Billboard