That Big Bro, he's some divil. Just when the eight remaining housemates had felt content in the knowledge that they had made it to the final, Big Brother went and ripped the rug from under them last night by sneaking up a double eviction on them.

It was Sam and Alex who were sent packing as they were told by a funfair Zoltar machine that they were the least popular housemates and were therefore evicted. Big Brother then announced that the public vote had been frozen and that those two were indeed in the bottom two.

There was no crowd to greet them either or the like, as the lads were made leave through the Diary Room door. Big Brother, you are one cruel Overlord. 

Never fear though, they will still get their chat with Emma Willis in tonight's final, where Andy, Hughie, Evelyn, Jayne, Jason or Jackson will be crowned winner of Big Brother 2016.

Catch the Big Brother Final tonight on TV3 at 9pm.