It's not unlike The X-Files to do a bait-and-switch or tell you one thing only for it to be another, so it shouldn't be surprising that its creator - Chris Carter - is backtracking on comments he made not three months ago.

As was reported then, Carter seemed pretty certain that the series wouldn't continue without Gillian Anderson in the mix as Special Agent Dana Scully. At the time, Carter said that "if it were without Scully, I wouldn’t do it. That’s not my X-Files." Seems pretty final about it, right?

Now let's compare that with an interview Carter gave to THR just last night after the finale of this season of The X-Files. On the topic of something spoilery - which we're not going to reveal - Carter explained that he "can’t imagine the show won’t come back in some shape or form," but added later on that the next step is "out of my hands."

"I have to wait for a lot of things that have nothing to do with storytelling and they have to do with a corporate story now being told," said Carter, referencing the ongoing Disney / Fox merger and what it'll mean for FX where The X-Files is currently being shown.

So, ultimately, what does it all mean? Who knows. If the X-Files does in fact come back for another season, will it be the same without Gillian Anderson? Again, who knows.

You can read the spoiler-heavy interview - and it really is spoiler-heavy - right here.