Since most of us don't start watching until the live shows kick off, letting our bleak Sunday evenings be embraced with the searing heat of several thousand stage lights, we thought we'd come across with a quick guide as to who's made it through this year. We may sound like we're repeating ourselves, but that's what happens when X Factor follows the same formula There are one or two who we've not seen before, but they're bound to be ousted in the first few weeks.

The Boys Mentored by Nicole.
James Arthur 24 from Middlesborough. "The Tortured One". Previous incarnation Aiden Grimshaw.
Rylan Clark 23 from Essex. "The Novelty Act" (for further proof, see video below). Previous incarnations Johnny Maxwell, Jedward, Wagner, Chico.
Jahmene Douglas 22 from Swindon.

The Girls Mentored by Tulisa.
Jade Ellis 25 from London. "The Young Urban Mother". Previous incarnations Rachel Hylton, Rebecca Ferguson, Stacey Solomon.
Ella Henderson 16 from Grimsby. "The 16-year-old That Wears Too Much Make Up." Previous incarnation Amelia Lily.
Lucy Spraggan 20 from Sheffield.

The Groups Mentored by Louis.
Union J Various names, ages, areas. "One Direction Minus Niall Horan". Previous incarnation One Direction.
MK1 Charlotte and Simeon, 19 - 24 - from London.
GMD3 Greg, Dan, Mickey, 18 - 19 from Windsor.

The Overs Mentored by Gary.
Melanie Masson 44, from London. "The One Who's Sang with The Happy Mondays". Previous incarnation Rowetta (2004)"
Carolynne Poole 32 from Huddersfield. "The One Who Got a Second Chance after Judges Houses". Previous incarnation Alexandra Burke (2005 and 2008)
Kye Sones 30, from London. "The Rough Diamond One". Previous incarnations Matt Cardle and Tabby (I would also say Frankie Cocozza but Kye can sing)

The Wild Cards
Girls: Amy Mottram
Boys: Adam Burridge
Groups: Times Red
Overs: Christopher Maloney

In a break from tradition, we don't have 'The Irish One' although we do have wildcard Liverpudlian Christopher Maloney, who might as well be Irish.

As far as I can gather, one wild card act will be voted in for realz by the public on next Saturday's live show. To see the rest of the bona fide contestants warbling away, below is the official promo for the live shows. Or you could always watch Rylan Clark epitomising how I feel whenever I watch this show.