'The Wonder Years' is one of those shows that was truly loved when it was on TV, but disappeared as soon as it went off the air.

Why's that, you ask? Simple, really. Well, not simple at all - music licensing. The series featured some ridiculously expensive music that prevented it from being released on home formats like VHS or DVD. The series was only released on DVD in 2016, and by then, streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video had only managed just then managed to get the show on their libraries - albeit by crudely removing musical moments and replacing them with generic, sound-alike clips.

Anyway, all that aside, 'The Wonder Years' was a cracking mixture of comedy, teenage heartbreak and awkwardness, and it's only right that it's being rebooted by Lee Daniels. The new series will be set in the '60s in Montgomery, Alabama and follow a black family during the turbulent times of the civil rights movement.

There's been no word on casting as of yet, but it's understood that Fred Savage - who played the young Kevin Arnold in the original - will be directing some of the episodes. Yes, Kevin from 'The Wonder Years' is a prolific TV director now. He even did a few episodes of 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' too.

Let's hope they sort out the music licensing situation beforehand.