Recently, HBO showed The Wire in beautiful, glorious HD, and it seems that the revamped version will soon be available on Blu Ray.

That's right, throw your old, bog-standard definition DVDs out the window, you'll never need them again, because The Wire is going to be released on Blu Ray. The show that legally has to be referred to as 'the best TV show ever*' will be released in the US on June 2nd this year, and will presumably make its way across the rest of the world fairly soon after that. 

As The AV Club point out, the show was specifically filmed in 4:3 and not 16:9, so the recent remastered version wasn't all great, as some scenes were improved and some were made worse, by David Simon's own admission. Either way, you can't be caught dead show in non-HD from this point on anyway, so you'd best start saving now, as the full collection will cost $199 (just over €183), which ain't cheap, of course.

*it's that or The Sopranos, people get real opinionated about this stuff on the internet, if you can believe that. 

Via The AV Club