David Simon is the TV mastermind that brought one of the greatest shows of all time 'The Wire' into all our lives. So essentially anytime this dude even sneezes in the direction of a new TV series, our ears perk up. The writer and producer is now sinking his teeth into a new HBO mini-series based on the life of American Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King.

The show will be a six part series and is actually an adaptation of Pulitzer Prize-winner Taylor Branch's book trilogy "America: In The King Years". Deadline has reported that the project will cover many of the key moments of Martin Luther King's life - from his relationship with the Kennedys, the Birmingham and Selma campaigns, the freedom rides, and the Washington march he was organising when he was assasinated.

Simon, who was also behind TV series' 'Treme' and 'Homicide', is said to be writing at least the first episode, but will be overseeing the entire project along with his "Treme" co-creator Eric Overmyer. Interestingly, Oprah Winfrey will be one of the producers of the series, as she was one of the people to initially bring the books to HBO in the first place, and is also producing the film 'Selma', about Martin Luther King’s 1965 voting rights campaign.

No date has been given as of yet for when we will be available to see it, but this is definitely one to watch out for.