Heads tend to roll in zombie films and TV shows (sure don't they need to make sure the undead are well and truly dead?) but it seems as though they could be rolling in real life too as a result of an argument about The Walking Dead.

During the show's second season creator Frank Darabont (the man reponsible from creating the series, not the comic) was allegedly 'pushed' out of his role as showrunner and Entertainment Weekly reports that he's now taking legal action against US network AMC. Darabont claims that he was denied "tens of millions of dollars of profits" from the series and, since he was the one who worked on the adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comic from the very beginning, he's not happy about it.

He filed a lawsuit in which he claimed that AMC is guilty of a breach of contract and argued that the network owed him money. "The within action arises out of the unabated effort of a television conglomerate (AMC) to deprive Frank Darabont - the artist who created, wrote, directed, and produced the television series The Walking Dead - of his contractual entitlement to profits from the series", it reads.

"As a result, Darabont, as well as his talent agency representative CAA, have been deprived of their contractual rights to tens of millions of dollars of profits from the series." Entertainment Weekly contacted AMC but they made no comment on the lawsuit.