Now six seasons in, The Walking Dead shows no signs of (groan) slowing down and is (GROAN) continuing apace.

This season really has been an improvement on last year's lacklustre effort and the stakes truly have been raised, what with... y'know... last week and that whole thing.

Anyway, it would seem that things aren't over just yet for Rick and his merry band of apocalypse survivors as the show has been picked up for another season. What's more interesting, we think, is how basically there's been no mention of actors' contracts being renewed.

Now that this season is really beginning to ramp itself up, it's anybody's guess who's going to make it out before the end of season. Rick Grimes, for example, has become a real dictator - OR A RICKTATOR, HAH! - and could very well meet a sticky end before it's all done. Daryl, for example, has really become way darker and angrier than usual.

The show has no problem with dropping in new characters, mind, so it could all change up.

The main takeaway is more Walking Dead - and that's always a good thing.


Via Deadline