Let's face it - it was clear from very early on that Jack and Dani were going to win 'Love Island', and if you thought otherwise you were just lying to yourself.

The public voting figures from Monday night's final have now been revealed and it comes as no surprise that Jani, as they became known, ran away with it with a whopping 79.66% of the total vote.

However, the three remaining couples were a lot closer than most would have expected.

There may have been outrage from some quarters that Laura and Paul finished above both Kaz and Josh and Megan and Wes, who had both been coupled-up for longer than them - but the difference was marginal.

Laura and Paul finished with 8.43%, while Kaz and Josh came in with 6.05% and Megan and Wes with 5.86%.

It's also been revealed on Sunday night's episode - when Alex and Alexandra were voted out by clocking up just 15% of the public vote to save your favourite couple - Kaz and Josh actually beat Laura and Paul by 44% to 42%.

Other voting stats from the series have also been revealed, and are equally interesting... but all we want to know is WHO VOTED FOR ALEX AND ALEXANDRA FOR 'FAVE COUPLE'? SHOW YOURSELVES, IMMEDIATELY.