The Voice UK returns to our TV screens this weekend, but the show isn't the only thing you'll be familiar with, apparently. You might recognise a few of the contestants because it's emerged that more than one of them are former, errr, pop stars?

90s pop singer Kavana may have been able to make you feel good, but he couldn't make himself a star, and it seems he's hoping the BBC competition will get him back into the music business. The former heart throb took to Twitter to confirm his involvement tweeting: "Few things, I need to get off my chest... you’ll see me on TV soon. On The Voice, BBC One". he wrote.

Danny from Hear'Say is no stranger to the whole 'find me a pop star' format, and also appears during the blind auditions, along with Cleo Higgins from Cleopatra and former MOBO Award nominee Nate James. What is this? 2004? If you can't remember who they are, check the clips below for a refresher.

The Mirror reports that these four won't be the only ones hoping to make a comeback either, with BBC sources allegedly saying that there are 'several more former faces to come'. Lads, there's already a show for that, it's called The Big Reunion...

Speaking of, The Mirror also says ITV isn't at all worried about losing viewers to the Beeb when The Voice returns. "We are quietly confident that Ant and Dec will blow the competition away", an 'inside source' said. "Why anyone would want to watch former stars is anyone’s guess." Might want to be careful with that one there little 'source', sure didn't you have PJ and Duncan on the show last week?