The Voice UK mentor Danny O'Donoghue reckons you need more then a good singing voice to succeed on The Voice UK. Urm forgive me but is that not the whole point of the show, it's called The Voice for a reason Danny.

According to The Sun Danny said 'There are some amazing singers on the show. But although they have a great skill, that's the tip of the iceberg,' It's about how well-rounded they are. We only get to sing for about 5% of our careers.The rest of it is how you conduct yourself, your plans.'

The frontman of The Script went onto say that it is not up to the mentors to make sure the acts are successful once they have left the show. 'The misconception is that it's up to me to make my acts famous, but we're not a record company. We don't have loads of money to be throwing around on acts. Universal are the ones with the contracts.' In other words don't come crying to Danny if you flop. O'Donoghue also recently blamed last year's winner Leanne Mitchell for lack of success on her work ethnic while Bo Bruce has spoke out about how acts are doomed to fail.

The semi final takes place this Saturday on BBC1.