Bo Bruce
is blaming the BBC for The Voice UK acts doing so badly once the show has finished. Bruce who was a finalist in last years The Voice has revealed the BBC have too many restrictions when it comes to promoting the acts.

Speaking to The Sun, Bruce, who was the runner up in last years competition, said 'I think it was really hard for Leanne after she won. They just put out a single and didn't really advertise the fact that it was out there and available to buy.Normally you would have a huge marketing campaign before a big release'. She continued 'But you can't do that when you have won The Voice.Being part of the BBC, they can't be seen to do that. They have far more restrictions. If you look at The X Factor, they are allowed to heavily promote an artist or a singer. Because of that, they almost always have at least one number one single.'

The singer went onto reveal she was glad she didn't win the show,'If I'm honest, I'm really glad I didn't win because it mean't I could take my time. Personally, I think it is better to be runner-up as there's less pressure to have an instant hit'. Well she would say that given the flop that Leanne Mitchell's album was.

Leanne Mitchell, the winner of The Voice UK, failed to place in the album charts. Her album reached a rather embarrassing number 134 in the UK album chart while her single only made it to number 45. Danny O'Donoghue recently said that it was infact Mitchell's own fault for her lack of success. 'That's not my fault, that's not the show's fault and that's not the fault of the BBC. That's her fault. You can take an artist like that and question their work ethic.' Ooh bitchy!

The semi final of this years The Voice UK takes place on Saturday June 15th on BBC 1.