Think you've got the necessary glands/contacts to get yourself on to the second series of 'This is the, this is the VOICE - OF IRE... LAAAAND!'

Applications close on September 3rd, so there's still time to fill in this here form on the In order to appear on the show, you need to bellow for three minutes and then upload it via MP3. If producers think you sound like a belter, they'll call you in for an audition. Then they'll make an assumption about your appearance, even though this is the show that purports to overlook the usual aesthetics.

Personally I reckon the mentors should never get to see what their wards look like - not all at one time anyway. One week, maybe an eye ball. The following week, a chin. Without following through with the whole premise of 'this show is about THE VOICE, OF IRE…LAAAAND' for the entire show, it's just another singing competition with a little gimmick at the beginning.

Kathryn Thomas will return as host, so if you do partake you and your family might be lucky enough to get a hug off her at some point. No word on what personaladdies are due to judge this time around. Personally, I'd like to see Sinead O'Connor replace Sharon Corr. Imagine the mirth.