Tonight saw the return of Top Gear and a brand new hosting team.

Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc, Eddie Jordan, Sabine Schmitz, Chris Harris and Rory Reid kicked off the new season of Top Gear with a bang - both literally and figuratively. While official ratings have yet to published, it's clear that there were changes afoot for the new season.

However, the complaints - and believe us, there were a LOT of complaints - about the new series is contradictory. Many slammed how the show attempted to run over the same ground as the old series, whilst others knocked the new presenting team. 

Twitter, of course, was anything but complimentary on the subject. Take a look.


Does he think he's still on the radio? Who knows.


In fairness, Clarkson was hardly a style model either. 


You'd have to imagine they're watching Twitter with a smug grin.


I'll have a C, please Carol. CRAP.


Well, he is an actor. Volume control's a big part of it.


So's their aversion to crap television.



Look, it's like this. We knew it was going to be different. We knew that there were going to be changes, huge changes to everything. But this? This was boring. Let's cast our minds back to the original Top Gear during its first run. Could you imagine yourself turning over?

We're not talking during a repeat on Dave or something, we're talking during its first broadcast. You wouldn't dream of it. The same, however, can't be said for this version of Top Gear. What did you think?

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