How's your 'Black Books' knowledge? Because it's about to be tested.

'Black Books' is definitely one of the most underrated TV shows out there. Running for three series from 2000 until 2004, the Channel 4 show starred our own Dylan Moran as the constantly angry/drunk/pessimistic lead character Bernard that we can all somewhat relate to. Add in Tamsin Greig as the forever job-searching and unlucky-in-love Fran and Bill Bailey as the optimistic and naive Manny, and you have a recipe for great comedy.

However, can you remember all 18 episodes of the comedy series? If you're feeling confident, we have created a 'Black Books' quiz that is sure to get you thinking.

So if you're in the mood for testing your knowledge on all things cigarettes, wine, and awful customer service then this is the quiz for you. As always, no Googling, and post your answers in the comments on Facebook.

*Hits Bell* Thank you.