It's a world populated with many the great TV show, but you know what else it's full of? Liars. Yeah, that's right. The Radio Times surveyed 1,500 people recently and up to 42%of them admitted they lied about watching a TV show. The sheer DECEIT of it all.

It was found Breaking Bad was the number one show these frauds pretended to had seen, but that's quickly followed by Game of Thrones. Now we can understand how there are probably enough cultural references and spoilers out there about Breaking Bad for somebody to wing it, but Game of Thrones? Can't imagine somebody surviving a minute into that conversation without being found out. There's only so many nods and smiles you can get away with.

Following on from them two, Sherlock comes in at number 3, then Doctor Who and in last place, Lost. In fairness though, nobody has a feckin breeze what happened over those six seasons, so that's an easy one to get away with.

Here's the list;

1. Breaking Bad (13 per cent)

2. Game of Thrones (11.7 per cent)

3. Sherlock (6.7 per cent)

4. Doctor Who (6.5 per cent)

5. Lost (5.5 per cent).


Sigh. We don't know WHAT to believe anymore.