Although it might not have been everyone's cup of tea, Community was dearly loved by those who got Dan Harmon's particular brand of weirdness and self-awareness.

In fact, the fact that Communnity openly acknowledged that it was a sitcom and played with the tropes so effectively is probably why it didn't ingratiate itself to audiences. Anyway, it seems as though the final nail in the coffin has been hammered home as a massive auction of props from the series is now up for sale.

Pretty much everything is up for sale, including the table itself, pretty much all of Dean Pelton's costumes, Troy Barnes' letterman jacket, Chevy Chase's glasses, Cornelius Hawthorne's ivory wig, Abed's Kickpuncher costume, loads of the E Pluribus Anus flags from Greendale, and even Star-Burns hat and leather waistcoat.

In fact, they're all at pretty reasonable prices so far - minus shipping, of course - so if you're remotely interested in owning a piece of television history, have a look here.