Brendan Dassey's release from prison is set to face yet another stumbling block as the State of Wisconsin have filed an emergency motion to keep him in jail. 

Dassey's conviction for the murder of Theresa Halbach was overturned back in August with the State of Wisconsin given 90 days to appeal the decision. They did just that and it kept Dassey in prison while the courts deliberated on the reasoning behind it. 

Earlier this week, the same judge that overturned Dassey's conviction, refused the Attorney General's appeal, arguing no new evidence or reasoning to keep Dassey in jail was provided. He ordered that Dassey be released from jail by 8pm on Friday the 18th of November. 

Rather than just let Dassey walk though, the Attorney General has filed an emergency motion with the 7th circuit court of appeals, asking a panel of judges to review the case and decide whether or not Brendan's release was handled correctly. 

If the 7th circuit court doesn't make a decision before 8pm on Friday, the Dassey will be released regardless. However he will have their ruling hanging over his head and could be sent back to jail within days or weeks.

Via Uproxx