Far and away, 'The Stand' is Stephen King's most sprawling work, set over multiple characters in multiple locations, and dealing with a whole host of familiar topics.

It covers religion, societal decay, murder, power politics, supernatural terror, the end of the world, disease, weirdly specific descriptions of food, not to mention copious references to rock music too. What's made 'The Stand' more relevant in 2020, however, is that it's a book that sees the end of the world come about through a global pandemic. In fact, filming concluded on the series just as the pandemic hit.

In the book, the collapse of civilisation happens so quickly, but so unbeknownst to many of the characters that by the time people realise what's happened, it's too late to do anything about it. Indeed, the only thing that pulls people together are two factions - one led by an elderly woman, and the other by a guy who's basically evil incarnate.

Of course, if you haven't a clue what 'The Stand' is about, chances are this 30-second teaser for the upcoming adaptation by CBS All Access won't make a bit of sense. The series, which is being directed by Josh Boone, the guy behind (gulp) 'The New Mutants', will also feature a brand-new ending written specifically for the show by Stephen King.

The series will land on CBS All Access on December 17th, 2020 and will likely air on RTÉ in the new year.

Here's the teaser.