'The Stand' is one of Stephen King's longest, and most well-known novels.

Many consider it to be his magnum opus, the novel touches on just about every topic in his bibliography, from weird metaphysical hippies to the horrors of humanity. It's all in there, and what's more, it even ties in the likes of 'The Dark Tower' to it as well through its lead villain, Randall Flagg.

The miniseries, for CBS All Access, announced its first castings just over a month ago, confirming James Marsden and Amber Heard as Stu Readman and Nadine Cross. Two lead roles left unfilled, however, were Mother Abigail and Randall Flagg.

In the novel, the duo are essentially the opposing sides of humanity - Mother Abigail is a loving, compassionate leader who takes in the survivors of the plague, while Randall Flagg essentially is a tyrant who crucifies people in Las Vegas. Literally. It's Stephen King, like. Anyway, it's been announced that Whoopi Goldberg and Alexander Skarsgard are set to take on the respective roles.

Randall Flagg, in particular, is a major character in Stephen King's "shared" universe, appearing in different guises throughout his novels. For example, Randall Flagg appeared in Stephen King's sprawling fantasy series, 'The Dark Tower', the short-story series 'Hearts In Atlantis', not to mention 'The Eyes of the Dragon', '11.22.63' and 'Gwendy's Button Box' as well. It's understood 'The Stand' will have 10 episodes, with King himself writing a brand-new ending for it as well.

No air date has been set as of yet, however it's understood that 'The Stand' will arrive on screens in 2020.