Purposefully obscure, there's not much to glean from the titles to the last three episodes of this year's edition of 'Game of Thrones' but there are definitely some big giveaways.

According to Metro, Sky Germany accidentally released the titles of the final three episodes of season six and while they don't give much away, they do allow for a lot of speculation.

Episode eight is allegedly titled 'Niemand (No One)', which sounds like it'll be the episode where Arya and the Waif finally have their assassin showdown for the ages. It could also hint at someone else being on the receiving end of a hit undertaken by the House of Black and White, and seeing as they can apparently take on the face of anyone, who knows who the target could be? (It's totally Tommen)

Episode nine is 'Die Schlact der Bastarde (Battle of Bastards)' which will more than likely do exactly what it says on the tin. Historically, episode nine is where shit really goes down, with previous season's episodes featuring the Red Wedding, the Battle at the Wall, Danerys climbing onto Drogon, Ned losing his head and the Battle of the Blackwater, so the bar is high. But with so much having already gone down, what else is there that could possibly happen? Obviously Ramsay Bolton is finally going to get what's coming to him (hopefully at the hands of Sansa but we'll settle for Brienne or Jon being the one to do the deed) but the real question is who will he take with him. Our guess? Rickon. We know all the Starks are getting back together but there's no such thing as a happy ending on this show now is there.

Finally, episode ten is reported to be called 'Die Winde des Winters (The Winds of Winter)', which is the name of George R. R. Martin's upcoming sixth book in the series the show is based on and is widely expected to see the arrival of the White Walkers either at the Wall or beyond it. Basically the shit is going to hit the fan, and we're sure there'll be twists and cliffhangers aplenty.

As long as no more direwolves or any of the dragons die, we'll be happy.  

Via Metro