For us, The Soup was the only reason you could publicly admit to watching E! and not being publicly flagellated.

Its unique brand of corrosive sarcasm and outright mean-spirited jokes was just incredible and we loved every minute of it. However, good things aren't meant to last in this world and now The Soup is no more.

The clip show, which saw various hosts including Greg Kinnear, Archer's Aisha Tyler and Community's Joel McHale completely and mercilessly rip the piss out of anything related to celebrity culture or reality television. For a show that was hosted on E!, it made no attempt to lessen its brutalising of its own shows.

The Kardashians, for example, were regularly targetted and torn asunder by McHale's deadpan delivery with not even a hint of remorse. It was amazing.

The series, which ends on December 18th, will be fondly remembered by its fans and enemies alike.

We will never see its like again and that is a crying shame.

Joel McHale won't be out of work for much longer, however, as he's due to appear in the latest series of X-Files and will now have more time to pursue his acting career.

We're rooting for you and your abs, Joel.