The Simpson's writer and producer Kevin Curran has sadly passed away after a long illness. The 59-year-old had worked for 15 years on the hit show and earned himself three Emmys for his work.

Curran's most famous episodes include 'Don't Fear the Roofer' (2005) and 'The Winter of His Content' (2014), 'The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed' (2010) and he co-wrote the 'Treehouse of Horror' episode in 2003.

He has also previously worked on Late Night with David Letterman and wrote for Married... With Children, Unhappily Ever After and The Good Life.

Curran is survived by his two children, Dashiell and Romy, which he had with his former partner, Bridget Jones writer Helen Fielding.

Tributes have been pouring in for Curran, with The Simpsons showrunner Al Jean saying in a statement; "Kevin Curran was a sweet, brilliant man who said many hilarious things, some unprintable, others which will live forever in a children's cartoon."

While he also tweeted;

Fellow Simpsons writer-producer Dana Gould also tweeted below;