Not content with Diddy's take on Downton Abbey, The Simpsons have only gone and done their very own Downton-inspired season finale promo montage.

The good folks at Simpsons HQ put together this nifty little piece, featuring Homer's morning routine, and the rather popular Downton 'dog's bum' scene: Santa's Little Helper certainly gives young Isis a run for her money. It may be brief, but it certainly gave us something to laugh about this lunch time.

Of course there is a method to their madness: The spoof lines the viewers up nicely for Seth MacFarlane's guest appearance. Y'see Marge is set to get a wee bit too cosy with a married man while they're bonding over their love of a TV show by the name of Upton Rectory. Seth will play the err, lucky fella.

We're not sure when the episode will air on the side of the water, but like the hundreds before it, we're sure it won't be long coming our way.