There really is nothing like a terrible, awful neighbour to make a really good TV show.

In some cases, the neighbours become the star of the show. Other times, they're the villains. They're making a ton of noise, they're throwing sofas into the garden or in some cases, they're straight up burning down the neighbourhood on you.

So, in honour of these terrible people, we've put together the seven worst neighbours on TV. If you find yourself near anybody even remotely similar on this list, you're in luck. You can contact Savills to find your perfect home right now!


7. Ugly Naked Guy from FRIENDS

He's ugly. He's naked. He's happy and proud about both those facts. And that's OK. But do we really, REALLY need to see that every time we look out the window? Of course we don't. And, in fairness, if this was in Ireland, there's no way this would happen. It's too cold.


6. The Battersbys from CORONATION STREET

Dubbed the 'family from hell', Coronation Street was rocked to its very core back in the mid nineties when the Battersbys arrived on the cobbles. Husband and wife Les and Janice, along with their tearaway teenager daughters Leanne and Toyah were trouble as soon as they arrived, with their loud music causing many a sleepless night for neighbours Curly Watts and Emily Bishop. It all escalated up to this iconic Corrie scene when Curly burst into the house, ran upstairs, and threw the CD player out the window, leading to one very painful looking headbutt from Les...



5. The Sopranos from THE SOPRANOS

Living next to mobsters is always going to be tough. You're going to have the possibility of the Feds trapsing across your property at any point in time. Not only that, having criminals in your estate is going to drive down the potential resale value of your house. Also, considering Tony Soprano drives a massive SUV, the noise of it is going to be pretty annoying.


4. The Osbournes from THE OSBOURNES

Again, much like The Sopranos, having a family that's in the public eye next door is going to pretty damn annoying. And considering it's the Prince of Darkness himself, it's going to be at least ten times worst. Sharon Osbourne's going to firing hams into your back garden every night and Kelly Osbourne just being there is awful enough.


3. Kramer from SEINFELD

Although Cosmo Kramer may be one, if not the greatest comedic character on television, he's a terrible neighbour. He's constantly stealing food out of Jerry's fridge. He barges in at the most inopportune times. He comes up with the most insane ideas. He smokes cigars, which are disgusting. 


2. The Flanders from THE SIMPSONS

Sure, you could argue that the Simpsons are the real problem neighbours. But let's look at it like this - would you really, REALLY want to live next to Ned Flanders? Absolutely not. Stupid, sexy Flanders.


1. The Starks from GAME OF THRONES

Let's set the scene. You're living next to Winterfell, minding your own business. You've bought a decent patch of land and, y'know, it's going well. The next door neighbours, the Starks, are doing their own thing. You've heard they're in a bit of bother, but hey - it's nowt to do with you. Right? NOPE. Lily Allen's brother rocks up one day and decides he's taking the house and kills a few people in the process of doing so. That's going to be in the papers for sure. That'll make trying to sell the house again a definite pain in the... .oh, there's more?

That guy from Skins is here. He must be trying to sort this all out. Why have they got torches? It's not dark out. OH MY GOD THEY'RE SETTING THE BUILDING ON FIRE. FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, WINTERFELL IS ON FIRE. And then when the fire catches onto your house, you've got to pay out on the insurance to fix it. That's if the guy from Skins and his Dad, Ratso from Spin The Bottle, haven't straight up murdered your ass.

All this is why the Starks are terrible neighbours. Their constant string of bad luck puts them right on top of our list. Sorry, remaining Starks.